20 Apr 2018

    Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF),the executing agency for Science Talent Farming Scheme (STFS), invites sealed proposals from Tour Operators or Travel Agents having valid license from Department of Tourist Services, and registered with International Air Transport Association (IATA), Income Tax, Sales Tax Department and Active Tax payers List (ATL), for arranging local and international study visits including transport and boarding lodging for STFS students, in different groups of 900 for local and 30 for international visit.


    1. RFP containing detailed terms and conditions, method of procurement, procedure for submission of bids, evaluation criteria, rejection of bids, performance guarantee etc. can be purchased on payment @ Rs 500/- (non-refundable)from the undersigned up to 02.5.2018 during office hours.“Single Stage Two Envelop Procedure” will be used for open competitive bidding.


    1. The proposals, prepared in accordance with the instructions in the bidding documents, must reach to the address given below on or before 04.5.2018 by 11:00 am. Bids will be opened on the same day at 11:30 am in PSF Committee Room.